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What do practitioners have to say about Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Peace has always been fleeting in my world. This is until I started a regular practice of Yoga Nidra with Kirstin.

Kirstin has the most beautiful voice for guiding class. Her presence is always calm and grounded. Using her own scripts and intuitively chosen sounds we are gently lulled into the magical world of feeling. Being here is my favorite part. Kirstin's pace and guidance have allowed me to fully surrender in class and enjoy all the benefits that come with deep restful feelings.

I had no idea the endless positive impact Yoga Nidra would have on my life and I am forever grateful to Kirstin for offering and guiding these classes.

Sasha W ~ Squamish BC

If you've been looking for a rope to tie yourself back into your spiritual practice - yoga nidra is that rope. In a dance between conscious and subconscious, you are allowed to quiet your mind enough to hear your hearts true intention. Yoga nidra, feels to me, a solution to the chaos and anxieties of todays world. If occasionally, you drift off to sleep, you have never felt safer - allowing yourself to fully relax into healing, heart-selected tones and Kirstin's -unity- voice. To me, yoga nidra is a practice that softens you (if you allow it) into staying aware of the dream state throughout your day to day life. You can easily see, in both Kirstin and her scripts, that she has done the inner work of orienting her life towards allowing others the space of complete relaxation. This practice has aided my relinquishment of control and coming to God. It's a tool to drop me back in whenever I mentally stray. Forever resolved to remain aware.

Emma M - Squamish BC

I was diagnosed with MS two years ago after being chronically stressed for about 15 years. My nervous system has been on edge ever since I had my first "episode". I opted out of taking medication and have been trying different types of therapies which have helped, but nothing like the sound therapy I was provided by Kirstin. I went to it half-heartedly but what happened during my first session with her reset my entire nervous system in a way that I've never experienced before. The shakiness in my legs was gone. My anxiety was gone and I felt clarity that I haven't felt in myself for a very, very, long time. Her intuition coupled with the vibration of the different instruments she uses did wonders for me and I couldn't recommend her enough! Just book an appointment and go into the session with an open mind.

Ranya D - Squamish BC

Kirstin is one of the most beautiful souls I know. She truly is a healer at heart! Kirstin creates welcoming, magical and open spaces for all. She can hold you in any space, no matter what state you're in. I appreciate that she is continually learning and growing in order to progress her practices and knowledge of healing. I do a yoga nidra class every week with Kirstin which has become a highlight, for both the physical state I reach and the community she provides. I've also had a one-on-one tuning fork session, that was extremely relaxing for my mind and body and helped release tension in tight areas. I am so grateful for Kirstin and I would never hesitate to recommend one of her classes or a one-on-one.

Lauren S - Squamish BC

I got a lot of clarity and realizations from our sessions. I got help with my emotional state and learned about tools to process them better on my own. Our sessions were very calming and I felt very relaxed afterwards, which was exactly what I needed. And getting provided the exercises for meditation, I could work on things at home and solidify my intentions.

Tadej V ~ Squamish BC

The sessions with Kirstin are in a word, "soothing". My entire body relaxes and quite literally there is a temporary suppression of most ongoing pains. I feel refreshed, at peace and relaxed. What more could one ask for?

Steve S ~ Squamish BC

The clarity of mind that I experience for the few days after a session is invaluable.

Mark K ~ Canmore AB

Kirstin is the consumate professional. I felt the sincerity of her intent and her practiced confidence. Deeply calming and therapeutic.

Sue O ~ Kamloops BC

That was a brilliant experience. Thank you so much for saying all the right words. I even had an emotion come up at the end that brought tears to my eyes and cheeks. This is quite rare for me.

Sera F ~ Squamish BC

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