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About Kirstin

Kirstin, founder at fork in the road healing

Why am I here

In this incarnation I chose to land in the body of a female named Kirstin. I'm working on releasing my identifications. I believe that I'm here in this life to learn humility & gratitude. To peal off the layers of societal conditioning so that I can be a humble instrument of God's divine love. All while being in service to God's creation.

Life has taught me that there is much mystery in this physical creation and that things are not always as they seem. I'm learning to have faith that all is as it's meant to be and that life is always flowing towards harmony.

Courtney told me a story the other day of one of the last true hippies. Apparently he was famous for saying "I don't even care what I want". I love this and am making it a reality in my life.

I am here to learn humility and gratitude and at this time I do that through engaging with the world in story telling, soap making and music.

Please join me on my journey!



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